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Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Oficial I'm A Pensioner !!!!!

My Pension Has Started

As from the 16th of May I now receive an aged pension, actually it is only a part pension and as it has'nt hit my bank yet I really don't know how much it will be. I would like it to be around $100 a week but I could be dreaming. Still whatever it is it is going to be income I need and need badly. It should show in my bank account some time next week and every 4 weeks from now on.

After all of the excitement of getting some extra cash died down I realised what this actually means, if I am getting an Aged Pension it must be because I am an old age pensioner !!!!!!What !!!!! How could that have happened, was it not only yesterday that I walked down the aisle at twenty years of age?? When did my children grow up and make me a Granny ?? Is that really wrinkles and grey hair staring out my bathroom mirror ??

To all my young blog readers, learn from my financial mistakes. You are never to young to start putting money away for your retirement. Make sure you buy a home, so you can enjoy that sense of security when you are at your most vulnerable. And enjoy this life of yours which can fly by in the blink of an eye.......

A quick money update I put $20 of petrol in my car today to get me back home from my son's house, so now I have $5 to last me until Tuesday, still I am now 1  day closer to succeeding.

No new baby yet, wll keep you all posted.....


  1. Hurrah for being OLD! LOL! Thank goodness there is SOMETHING good about getting older :) That $$ is really going to help you out and I know you'll squeeze it til it hurts! Congrats! You'll be able to breathe a little easier.

  2. I am determined that getting a pension will not be the only good thing about getting old LOL

  3. Every little bit helps, but yes, it does fly by so quickly!

  4. Actually they paid me some back money which came into y account on saturday morning so I still don't know what my actual amount is going to be, but yes every little helps....


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