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Friday, May 11, 2012

Homemade Cleaner and Grocery Shopping


Grocery Shopping Day

Today is a big day in our house it starts with pen and paper and me going through my pantry, fridge and freezer checking what staples I need. Usually the night before I will have made up my menu plans for the week and so armed with all that information I head for the shops with my MIL.
We started at our local butchers where we got chicken breast fillets on special for $6.99 kg, and premium minced beef  $16.00 for 2 kgs right away I have the basis of 7 meals. A quick cup of coffee, then it was off to Aldi for the stuff on the rest of my list. I should now have enough food in the house to get us through the next week with the rest coming off of next weeks grocery list. Apart from the Chicken and Beef I also bought a nice joint of Lamb some Fish and fresh Lasagna sheets and Ravioli. there will also be enough for us to make a Pizza for dinner one night, this will probably be a vegetarian Pizza, made with whatever is left. Plus we snuck in a mascara for me, I love Aldi's brand of makeups and skincare range.

Aldi            = $82.65
Butcher's   = $28.32
Coffees      = $4.00

Total Groceries for this week = $114. 97c

Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

After my huge success with my home made washing powder I decided to go ahead and make my own all purpose household cleaner, this was so easy and I have tried it already and I don't notice any difference between shop bought and homemade. I just googled a recipe and up came hundreds of them so take your pick. I added Eucalyptus Oil  and it has the freshest of smells. I had all of the ingredients in the house so the cost to me today nothing at all. 


  1. Sounds like nice meals planned for the week! I am off to ALDI this morning for our groceries! - Fiona

  2. Fiona I took back the spoiled tin of spaghetti yesterdau and all they offered me in retyurn was a substitute tin or my money back. Not the best policy I thought so I might email Aldi and see if they send me an apology....

  3. Your perseverance to keep costs down is inspiring Maureen - you are doing so much with so little. I could learn a thing or two from you as I am getting careless lately. What with the horrible work situation i am really NOT paying attention to the finances and it is beginning to show. I think I'm feeling a bit depressed by it all and have kind of let things go. Time to get back on track.

    1. Jane I am absolutely doing my best to keep our finances down, being a one income family was the preferred option so I am just trying to ease the pressure a little.
      I think you are being too hard on yourself you have done an amazing job with your spending and are heading towards a fabulous well earned retirement...

  4. I was trying to figure out what a kg is to a lb? It sounds like you had a successful day at the grocery store!

    I still need to figure out how to make laundry soap...I'm just not all that interested in grating the soap...but I bet it costs a whole lot less!

    1. Sharon a kilo is 2lbs 2oz so as you can see our food prices are quite expensive, but by having a couple of pasta meals and a vegetarian meal every week I can keep my costs down a bit.
      I have heard of people putting their soap through the food processor as they found that the easy way to grate it, The Foxx grated mine for me, maybe a job for one of your kids ? the savings make it so worth it.
      Having said that most savvy couponers seem to get it for nothing...

  5. Maureen, I am sold on my homemade cleaners and I know you will be too. It is so worth it. Can't believe the prices you have to pay on groceries but you have learned to stretch those groceries into several meals. Good going.

  6. Now you know Martha why I am so jealous of your prices and your coupons....


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