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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yes I am computer Illiterate

Dismal Blogging Failure !!

Yes I admit it when I start to play around with my blog, it,s all trial and error. I really havent got a clue what I,m doing. Anyway after me asking the question about my blog header I decided to take out the photo of the money. It dident cover the whole header as some of you pointed out, and others couldent even see it, now that was really strange. So now that it,s gone at first glance this doesent resemble a PF blog at all. Still the fact that I have managed to come this far never fails to amaze me. Wish blogger had some money themes.

On the financial front tomorrow is pay day, the last one before No Spend February. My plans are in place and I.m ready to go. I don.t expect to save very much money as my zero based budget already covers all of my wage, but maybe I can make more cutbacks to my Grocery bill, my Petrol allowance and of course my mad money cut back from $50 to $20 for the month of February.
Good luck to all challengers, please help to keep me motivated with plenty of posts and budget saving ideas.


  1. I do like your flowers though. Good luck with your no spend month. Hope you have fun.

  2. You're not so bad - I'm the same - trial and error, but damn ist's frustrating sometimes. I know what I want but can't make it happen. I want my photo to be like it used to - full size and behind the title, but no, now the photo is smaller and under the title.
    I guess we just have to let people think that that's the way we intend for it to look.

  3. I think you are doing GREAT!

    Don't sell yourself short, believe me you will save money! :)!

  4. I love this look. I like the flower background a lot!

  5. I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to get my blog background changed and the colors so people could my posts. Ugh. It's good to know that I'm not the only one that has trouble with this.

    Also, don't sell yourself short on the amount of money you save in February as being a small amount. Any money saved is extra money that you can put in savings or towards a bill. Good luck. I have my own savings challenge going and we can encourage each other. You'll do great, I know.

  6. I love the way your blog's looking. Best of luck for February xx

  7. You're doing fine Maureen and we're ALL going to save money in February!

  8. Hi Maureen,

    I like the look of your blog! It is very clean in appearance and easy to read. I am always tempted to tweak my blog and change it up a bit... but time does not permit. Good Luck on the no spend challenge. You will do better than you think you will :)

    Have a great evening!

  9. I agree i think the flowers are cool.... I like this look much better them the last one. The last one looked like graffiti when i would read it.

  10. good luck!!!! I know you are going to do great in FEb!!! :)


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