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Monday, January 24, 2011

Waiting For The Rules 1 Week To Go

My Rules For No Spend February.

While waiting for Sharon to post the rules for our next challenge, I decided to employ a couple of tactics to help me reach the end of the month, without spending too much. Firstly I only have 1 Birthday in February and that,s my Granddaughter,s she will be two on the 3rd. So I will buy her present with Friday,s wage and her card.

Valentines Day is going to be the day we spend the gift voucher for a swanky meal which my DD gave us at Christmas time, this is in an area with off road parking so no parking fees, we have got $60 each to spend on food and booze, too easy.

I have been saving up my free coffee vouchers from our local coffee shop and as they have no dates on them I will use them in Feb.

I am cutting my mad money down from $50 to $20, I did this for the last challenge and actually managed better than I thought I would.

I am going to shop with a list and make up weekly menus, and these will be linked to weekly specials.

So what are your tactics going to be for this Challenge. I also want some hints from others who are perhaps not joining us.


  1. My strategies are remarkably similar to yours. I have a loaded up Starbucks card and a restaurant gift card from Christmas to use on Valentines Day. I'm cutting my misc spending and reducing my grocery and gas money. I will be relying more on Michael in February too - for helping to pay for things and to whip up some amazing soups and stews for very little money. Oh here's one thing - I dont know how much meat you eat but we are definitely eating less and going with more veggie type dishes. Beans are a lot less $$ than meat around these parts anyway.

  2. look at you! you are doing great! my rules will include having one errand day per week - if we need something else, dh goes by an aldi on his way home from work,he will get stuff if needed. I will also keep my misc spending down to a min for the month... looking forward to it! I know my budget could really use it ;)

  3. Okay, Maureen, I'm filling a little "guilty" as I have been pondering the no spend thing for the month of February. It has been on my mind a lot lately and I am going to look at Sharon's blog and check it out. I need a financial challenge as I've kind of plateaued and could be doing more to get more money into savings.

    I'm glad you posted this today as while reading it I realized that I should do it too.

  4. Oh good luck! I am not doing this but am still going to try and keep my spending down. Valentines and when my roommates come to visit will be the exceptions. I'm sure you will do well with this challenge!!

  5. I am cutting out book buying. Is not much but for me it makes a diff. I brown bag my lunch every day. I think in the last 3 months I have eaten at work maybe 3 times (one for sure). I make my own tea at my desk. I bring my own tea leaves, and we have milk and sugar stocked in the floor kitchen. This saves me about 2$ a day... not a lot but it adds up ( $2x5days x4 weeks in a month= $40 a month x 12= $480 a year)

  6. Great plan!! I haven't really thought about my "rules".. suppose I should do that! I know i'll be cutting out all "extra" spending. Prob just the 'basics' and a few monthly goals to keep me busy!

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  8. I might have to join this challenge... I need to stop spending so much $$$


  9. This is great! I have "my rules" in draft form getting ready to post. But it's funny. Everyone should have their very own rules anyway, because although everyone wants to save money, they have to do it in their own way.

    I'm psyched to have you doing this with me!! Only 5 more days.....


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