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Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Credit Report / Last Question Regarding Snowflakes

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had sent for my credit report, well it arrived last week and I forgot to mention it in my blog. so here it is in all it,s embarrassing glory.
First let me set the scene, I first got into trouble with not paying back my debts when Hubby got really sick and all of a sudden I became the chief breadwinner, on my low paying wage. I had maxed out my CC to the tune of $4,500 and had a GE loan for a new fridge. so after avoiding these payments to my cost my CC debt with interest stood at $6,222.06 and my GE loan of $1,200 with interest was sitting at $1,772.86 so almost $2,000 was interest alone. By this time I was scared to open the door, answer the phone and I was frightened out of my mind about hubbies health. Forward a couple of years and both of these debts had been bought out by collection firms and now they were chasing me, but Hubby was better after major heart surgery, and I decided to come clean to both of these agencies. So I have been paying off the minimum amounts just to prevent court cases and weekly phone calls.
I should add that the last thing I want is more debt, but I made the decision to apply for a CC in order to find out how my credit rating stood, naturally it was declined and I was advised to ask for My Credit Report to find out why. So because I now feel confident that I can handle the news and I have passed the head in the sand way of looking at my finances I applied. So here it is.

Optus Financial Services ( telephone company )
Overdue $157.00
Amended 14/10/2007
Account never finalized
This entry will be automatically removed from your file on 11th April 2011

ANZ bank cards ( my CC debt )
Overdue $5,742
Amended 2/4/2006 ( more interest has been added since then )
Account never finalized
This entry will be automatically removed from your file on 2nd April 2011

GE finance Australia
Overdue $1,772
Amended 2/5/2006
Account never finalized
This entry will be automatically removed from your file on 31st January 2011

The fact that there are 3 defaults is news to me, and not good news. I never even realized that I owed a telephone account, I can only presume that we moved house and it got forgotten about in the move, but I always leave a forwarding address so they obviously never looked for me. And for such a paltry amount of money they added me to the default list. Still it is what it is, so I will be contacting them soon to get this monkey off my back. I will also be contacting Veda the firm I got my report from, to see about the Automatic removal of these entries, because the way I,m reading this my report will be clear of all three entries by the 11th of April. So that is fantastic news.

Has anyone seen news reports about the flooding in Queensland, fortunately it has,nt really affected me but there are some of my workmates still stuck where they went on Holiday, and fast running out of food and water, one poor lot was camping. I still can,t believe that we have still had the only dry week for our Wedding, the area that the Marquee was in is now under water, as it was on the lowest flattest part of our yard.

O.K. I promise this is the last time I,m going to ask the Snowflake question. BUT what exactly am I allowed to add to my Snowflake amount, I was thinking extra income earned, but does this include Tax Rebates, Gifts etc. or only overtime and selling stuff. Also at the end of the week/ month/ year can you add in money left in your jars ??? I,m confused !!! does it show ?


  1. Snowflakes are whatever you want them to be. For me, I use the extra change from the month. I would also add money that was unexpected. It's totally up to you! :)!

  2. :-) just as Sharon's whatever you wish it to be. My snowflakes come from unexpected money, recycling bottles/cans, rolling coins or money leftover from the grocery budget.

  3. I have decided that if the choice is mine, then my snowflakes will be any extra money earned or made over and above my wages, and any money left in my jars at the end of the month. All of my snowflakes are going to be added to debt repayments.

  4. my snowflakes: money that has come from my left over budget, money that is sit in my account the night before pay day and any money I have been given, money I find on the side walk. Everything little bit helps!!!


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