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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back As Promised Power Still On.

The center of Brisbane is under water in some areas. My Son works on the Riverside and he and most of the rest of the city were evacuated around lunchtime yesterday. The streets which are on his bus route home were closed and so he found himself heading in the opposite direction from where he usually parks his car, no sign at this time of him being able to return to work. Also Hubby got a phone call last night telling him not to come in today. Most of Brisbane has come to a standstill.

This is the Wivenhoe Dam which is situated between Brisbane and Toowoomba, it is now at 190% capacity, they have opened up the gates and let some of the water spill out into the Brisbane River adding to the problem, however this is so they can regulate flow as once it reaches 200% it will overflow anyway. So by doing this they hope to minimise the damage, however at 3pm today we will also be hit with a King tide which will force it,s way up the river to meet with all the water coming down. This is obviously going to add to the current problems.

What you are seeing is Suncorp Stadium home of one of our great sporting teams and the venue for some of our large outdoor Concerts. U2 were here not too long ago. As you know Australia loves it,s sports, so this for some would be a devastating photo.

This last photo is of a Suburban back yard already under water, the River is expected to peak tomorrow morning at 3am and many many people are going to find themselves homeless with many thousands more with a massive clean-up job on their hands.

We were told today by a relative who drives the huge trucks Interstate, laden with produce, that we are soon going to notice a lot of items disappearing from out Supermarket shelves. As it is going to get harder to get in and out of this area. So this morning I went down to our local Aldi to stock up on bread and milk, and was confronted by a full car park and people panic buying. So I got my share and a couple of extra items and came back home.
We are all safe and dry, and likely to stay that way, however we have been told not to use our mobile phones more than need be and to be aware that we may experience power cuts. But so far so good.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and please keep them coming, we have 10 confirmed deaths and 80 missing. So a lot of families are in dire straits, and need those prayers.


  1. Gosh Maureen, be safe! I'm thinking of you and the people of Brisbane at this time x

  2. Take care and be safe Maureen.

  3. that is devistating - I am so sorry that this is close to you right now - my prayers to keep you & yours safe (as well as others dealing with the losses they are dealing with right now)

  4. Maureen - as long as you and your loved ones are safe!! I am so worried about you!! On the news they were talking about "inland tsunamis" is that what you mean by the king tide or is that something different? Usually I feel like you are nearby but right now you feel so FAR AWAY! Feeling helpless - sending you prayers.

  5. Maureen,
    I hope and pray that you and your family will remain safe and dry. The pictures of the flooding are devastating, and to think it could get worse. Praying that it does not!

  6. I always think about you when I see the news coverage. Stay safe and we're praying for you!!

  7. Our news has been reporting on the flooding in your area. Nothing scares me more than flooding as the water can rise so quickly. Stay safe and God bless.

  8. Thank everyone your kind thoughts are appreciated.

    Hi loz nice to have you join us


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