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Friday, January 14, 2011

Finances Right On Track I,m Winning This One

This week saw me at last being exactly where I want to be, the hardest part of putting money aside for bills is the fact that you are very often behind so in effect two payments are having to come out of your budget, one for current bills and another to have enough in your account to cover the next accounts coming in. Well it,s been tough for me to get to this stage but I am never ever going to have to worry about paying another bill as my budget is now right on track.
I got a phone call from the company that I pay Debt 2) too, they wanted me to add a little more to the fortnightly amount I already pay, when they rang I got out my debt book looked at how much I owed, when my next payment was due ( which was yesterday ) and asked her to ring back later in the week while I did a little number crunching to see if this was possible. I felt so empowered that I had all this knowledge at my fingertips, so after looking a little closer at my budget, I decided to pay an extra $20 fortnightly. I was happy the company was happy and the debt will be paid off earlier. So win win win all round.

Tomorrow I will post my spending figures for the week, my Grocery bill is going to be way over my budget amount, but it was an emergency to get more food into the house in case of shortages, also I paid the remainder of my power bill, and my mobile bill was also paid.

I put money into my emergency fund, my Savings Fund and my holiday fund, and I have updated all my sidebars, I love the visuals of seeing those colored lines getting longer, can,t wait to see them one solid color.
My snowflakes are sitting at a healthy $82.00 this was because I had a few annual leave days off this week, so I got an extra 17% leave loading.


  1. This is great Maureen!

    This is what you've been working towards these last few months: you being in control and managing your money....not it managing you.


  2. Way to go! What a good start to the year.

  3. Great job! Keep that momentum going! I am glad you were not flooded like so many others around you.

  4. Yup - moving those bars is the highlight of my week - what thrilling lives we lead lol! You are now in the driver's seat and it is very empowering:) Paying that extra on your debt will really pay off in the long run - lower interest to pay and shorter term - good work!
    ps your bars look very colourful!!

  5. OMG I am so proud of you!!! Well done and at the beginning of the year no less!! You so deserve this!! and to be able to say yes you can put more into that debt is so empowering!!! Oh well done, well done!!!! This is so your year!!!


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