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Monday, January 3, 2011

I Have Crunched All The Numbers

I now know exactly where my wages are going to be allocated this year, I have played around and played around with these figures, and hard as I try I cant make them do all I want however I think I am getting the most bang from my buck by dividing them like this. This is a weekly amount.
  1. Electricity per week $35.00
  2. Phone/ Internet/Cable package per week $60.00
  3. Mobile phone Bill per week $8.00
  4. Food bill per week $100
  5. Debt repayment $ 25 one week and $50 the next
  6. Petrol per week $20.00
  7. Car registration and Insurance per week $30.00
This comes to $ 293.00 so I will keep this money in my main account and pay bills when they are due, Food and Petrol money will be taken out and put in my jars.
  1. Emergency fund per week $40.00
  2. Holiday Fund per week $40.00
  3. Retirement Savings per week $50.00
These are my weekly savings amount I want to get that emergency fund up to $1,000. We are already making plans for a couple of holidays this year a week in April/May to celebrate out 40th Wedding Anniversary and a couple of weeks off over Christmas this year with the family. The retirement Savings account is not to be touched for any reason at all until I retire. Savings amounts $130.00
  1. Misc, amount per week $50.00
  2. I am putting an extra, $50.00 a week away for ????
This is a total of $100 put aside for Misc, I have a group of friends who like to go away weekends and this is my in case we go money. My birthday present money as well as next Christmas money, is my 2nd total.

All up $523.00, not a Kings ransom but enough for me to get my finances in order. Those of you who have been following my blog are aware that I have recently been given an allowance for being my MIL,s carer, this amount is $110 a fortnight. And I am putting this straight into a personal debt which I am really keen to pay back. After crunching the numbers I should have this paid off in full by April, and then I will have to rethink where this money will be best allocated..
So my last three posts have been about crunching the numbers but I have had my trusty calculator in my hand again today and it all works. BRING IT ON!!!!!!


  1. that looks great! Love your saving allocations!!! I cannot wait until I have gotten my debt paid down so that I can start saving more... patience, I know ;0

  2. I think your budget looks great!! But I was a little shocked... no a lot shocked about your phone/internet bill, for 1 week that's like 120$ every 2 weeks or 240 a month. Can you not bring that down?? There must be a way.

  3. That's the spirit Maureen! I'm feeling all gungho too...sort of "I am woman hear me ROAR!If you have that debt paid off by April you'll be SOOOOOOO happy! A nice budget balance between debt pyt., savings and fun!:)

  4. Sarah as far as my Phone/Internet/ Cable TV package goes, this is not a bad price. We get all local calls free, line rental is quite expensive here so I have to pay that no matter what my package is. I have a full Foxtel Platinum cable TV package with all stations available and High Definition. Plus our Internet package gives us 25GB of download, at high speed. This comes to $199 per month 31 days. So I have over budgeted for it because, Interstate Mobile and International calls are charged seperately. And I would rather have more money rather than less to make sure I,m covered

  5. Jane I knew there had to be a song that describes how I,m feeling. And you nailed it.

  6. I was thinking the same thing as Sarah but it makes sense. I think it all depends on where you live..

  7. Hey Maureen, I completely see your point! Sorry I think my last comment came across rudely now that I am re-reading it again. This wasn't my intention. I agree over budgeting is so much better than under budgeting... I did the same today with a bill I paid and I feel great about having the extra money to be snow flaked.

    I am so excited about this year!!! You and I are going to be making so much progress with our debt!! This Is Our Year!!

  8. I love crunching the numbers to see how things should go. You're doing great and you're really inspiring me to get it together Maureen. Thank you.


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