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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Can,t A Woman Change Her Mind ???

Thats Me Indecisive

It.s only a couple of days now until I start No Spend February, and try as hard as I might my zero based budget allows me little or no manouvere, so instead of achieving high savings numbers I am only going to be able to save another $200, and yet the competative side of me wants to do more. So I have swayed back and forward between changing my whole budget or making do with saving only a little.
And ( drumroll please ) I have decided to change nothing, zipp, nada, zilch. So here is where I can hopefully save a few more Dollars.
Groceries normal budget $100 weekly budget $70
Petrol normal budget $20 budget $15
Mad Money budget $50 budget $20
Savings in 28 days = $260

I will post this months spends on Monday and then it,s all systems go.

I am really pleased with the way my snowflakes are mounting up, they now consist of 2 overtime hours. Leave loading from 2 days Annual leave and change left over from Mad Money and Groceries. This figure is going to soar on Friday as I have just worked an extra 10.5 hrs in this next pay period. Thats 9hrs at double time and 1.5hrs at time and a half, yippee


  1. Maureen! I just had an "A HA" moment from reading your post! Snowflakes can include extra pay money....

    I was only using saved coins, etc. but they weren't adding up to too much. I can include OT from work if and when I get it! Thanks!

    Saving anything is a successful month, don't you think??? :)! We'll have a great time doing it too!

  2. You are going to have huge snowflakes. Good luck to you this month.

  3. This was my problem too when considering a no spend month. I'm leaving my budget as is also but trying to cut back on personal spending and groceries. Good luck!

  4. Woohoo! Great job, good luck in Feb!

  5. Hi Maureen: My Feb. no spend month is just about not spending beyond the non-essentials. My pay is lower this month so I won't be saving anything extra, in fact I had to reduce my savings in order to balance my budget. So just staying ON budget will be my goal - if I save anything from an already reduced grocery, gas and misc. amounts it will be a bonus!
    Your extra $260 is nothing to sneeze at - it all adds up! Congrats on the OT - that's going to really boost your snowflakes total!

  6. I love your blog. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into it. I would like to award you another Stylish Blogger award. Please stop by my blog to grab it!

  7. I thought changing our mind was the very definition of being of woman :)

    good luck with the spending challenge Maureen

  8. I love snowflakes. Good job on your no spend challenge next month. I will be cheering you on!

  9. you are way too cute! Love how you aren't sure too ;) once you get this one under your belt, you will be a little better prepared for the next on! haha... you will know what sort of amounts to shoot out there!

  10. Good for you on finding more ways to save!! I've cut our budget WAY back and am really hoping we can beef up our savings this month. Good luck to you!!

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