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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tomorrow Starts a Whole New Chapter

My Best friend is ME

O.K. so perhaps that is a bit over the top, I admit it !!! But I am going to treat myself better this year than I ever have before, I,m going to get my finances in check, catch up with friendships which I,ve let slide and never put myself down even if it is a joke. I,m going to teach myself how to accept compliments, instead of brushing them off with
" Oh that old thing, it was really cheap "

Jane posted not long ago all the things she was going to do to look after herself this year, and I wrote a long comment which got lost in the great blogging airways, so now I am reposting that I will be getting a Mammogram done shortly this is an Annual event and I,m just waiting for them to send me out an appointment. And I,m due a Pap Smear test so I will contact my GP about that one.
Fortnightly I will be getting my nails done, and monthly I will color my hair. I am not a high maintenance type of girl, but maintaining is definitely getting harder as I age.
I will also have to lose some weight, this is getting to be a huge must as I have two bum knees and the extra weight I am carrying is, putting added strain on them, and I have been in agony since Christmas.

But the huge big look after yourself thing for me this year is my finances. Today is the last day in which I will struggle with bills, have no personal savings for retirement, although I have got Superannuation, have nothing in my Holiday fund or Emergency fund. Today is the last day I will have to deal with low self esteem, hide things from Hubby, make excuses to friends, family , strangers. So why does it all end today ?? Because tomorrow is payday my first of this year and the first of my new budget. I am on a tremendous high, I keep checking and rechecking my figures and they do add up, I am going to achieve all I want too this year.

At last it,s over !!!!!!!


  1. ..and this attitude is the one that will get. it. done.

    It's right that you take care of you, that you make 'you' a go girl!

    You are in control!!!

  2. Thanks Laura I am super excited, cant you tell ?????
    In fact I,ve just checked my bank account in the hopes that my wages have been put in early, but it looks as if i,m going to have to be patient.

  3. This is a good idea. Keep up with the positive attitude too, it keeps you younger.

  4. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! What a positive inspiring post. I am woman - hear me ROAR!! You know, I really think women could do a better job running the world than men - but that's a whole different story! We could sure show the leaders of the world how to manage their country's money, but again I digress - now you've got ME pumped! YAY!

  5. Good luck! You have the right attitude! 2011 will be great!

  6. I LOVE this post, Maureen! It's time for us now. I'm with you all the way!!

  7. This is a very inspiring post today and i'm hoping for good things for you!!!! With your determination you can do it!! :)

  8. GO GO GO GO!!!!! We'll be your personal financial coach!!! You can do it you can do it!!!! I know you can!! I like your determination and I hope to be channelling it!!! We can do it together!!!

  9. I love the attitude!!!! You go girl :)

  10. I'm all for taking care of ourselves. Also, I think that it is great what you wrote regarding finances. I so agree with every word and it was inspiring to see it written down. I am not high maintenance either and you are so right that it is getting harder as we age. Amen!!!

  11. You have to take care of yourself, no one else will if you don't. You need to get your hair did and treat yourself. And like my best friend M says, I love me! If I don't love me, who else will? You are totally awesome and keep me accountable, rock it girl!


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