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Friday, September 10, 2010

Mother of the Brides dress picked

I was really in a quandry about what to wear to my Daughters Wedding, all of the evening dresses were either too revealing too tight or red. I,ve mentioned before that the Bride is wearing red so it,s out for me, as is black. Don,t ask me why no black but I just don,t think it,s right for a Wedding especially if your the Brides Mum. But this dress ticked all the boxes for me as it,s got a bolero top which goes over it to hide my arms, it,s long and a bit floaty with a taffeta top which gives me a lovely shape, and it,s a very deep purple which goes really well beside her red dress. I got lucky with the price as the dress and bolero came to $410 but on the day i went in to get it they were having a 15% off everything sale and so I saved $60. Because I spent more than I intended on the dress i have decided to wear a pair of shoes which i have only worn once and carry a bag which I,ve only used once.

I have had an extremely expensive week.

My dress $350
Granddaughters birthday $70
Groceries $100
Debt $50
Bills money $100 put aside
Petrol $20
Total $690


  1. so happy that you found your dress!!!! Wahoo! As far as expensive week --- maybe next month can be another spend less ;)

  2. Next month will definitely be a spend less month

  3. I would LOVE to see your dress! Post pictures! When is your daughter getting married?


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