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Monday, September 20, 2010

Cappuccino Connoisseurs

During the time that I spent away from work a van selling coffees and cakes has started visiting my workplace at around morning break time. And so now the girls I work beside have become coffee snobs and the instant coffees which our work provide free to Employees have become a thing of the past. And now it,s talk of Lattes, Cappuccinos,Hot Chocolates and various different brews which have taken over our normal chit chat. Each one of the girls seem to be competing to come up with the PERFECT cup to impress us, and I don,t think they were giving a single thought to the cost of these delicious drinks. The cups cost $3.50 or $4.50 depending on size they are buying 5 per week which allowing them 4 weeks annual leave is 240 coffees a year and so they will be spending between $840.00 and $1080.00 a year. I pointed this out to them today and mentioned that my PERFECT coffee is the free variety. So now I,m waiting to see if things will be different tomorrow, or if they will still go ahead throwing away their money.

I have been hearing a few scary stories this week and all are connected to Paypal, I always thought this was a secure site and was happy to put my banking details into my account but now I am wondering just how secure is it really. If one of the Gentlemen I work beside had,nt been made aware of Paypal payments coming out of his account by his bank he would not have noticed until too late that the money was going out. I also read a blog yesterday in which the blogger said Paypal had taken almost $5,000 out of her account, I,m not sure of all the details of why they did this but it seems someone had opened a Paypal account in her name after hacking into her banking details, and Paypal allowed this to happen. Not sure if I,ll keep my account now, I seldom use it.

I stopped off at the shops on my way home from work today and spent the grand total of $4.85, that,s the first money I,ve spent since Saturday.
I,ve also been managing to stick to my calorie allowance this week, hoping for big losses when I stand on the scales on Sunday

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  1. Great job on the no spending....I have to say, I LOVE coffee and would love a van to pull up and sell coffees and cakes! :)! But, alas, that wouldn't help in the calorie end...

    Great job on your spending and your calorie allowance!


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