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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Also my Spend Less Year/ Living consciously and with Purpose

I had no intention of blogging today but after reading that Sharon and Sam are already writing down their goals for the next year, I thought I would post mine. Girls I tried to add a link to your blogs, but it did,nt work, oh well back to the drawing board.

Goal 1) Is to get past my Daughter,s Wedding, this is the first occasion which I have been both mentally and financially prepared for in years and I am so exited about being so organised, most big occasions are faced with a feeling of impending doom, but this is a new start for me.

Goal 2) After the 14th November I am starting my holiday savings fund, the photo of the feet in my blog was taken by me last December when my Hubby and I went on our first holiday in years, we cruised round Australia from Queensland (East) to Fremantle (West) heading round The Great Australian Bite, the cruise took 13 days and we loved every minute of it, so this year we would like to do the same cruise from East to West only this time going over the top end of Australia and this time it will take 17 days. At the end we will be able to say we have sailed right round this beautiful country.

Goal 3) By September of 2011 I will have paid off one of my debts and snowballing that payment into my largest debt.

Goal 4) Like Sam mentioned I am going to start taking better care of myself and so it will be wearing make-up more often, making sure my roots are covered I do them myself and so it is,nt expensive just time consuming, and as I will be spending more time looking after myself, colouring, waxing and manicures will be priorities. Although I,m not thinking of dating as my Hubby would,nt approve. LOL

Goal 5) I want to get my Emergency fund up to $1,000, at the moment there is practically nothing in it, so I,m making it a goal and a priority.

Goal 6) I,m going to act a little more like Scroodge when it comes to Birthdays and Christmas. Every year in our house it leads to an arguement with Hubby over the amount of money I spend on gifts, leaving myself with very little spare cash to enjoy myself over the Holidays. So I,m going to be like Santa and rein it in ( pun intended )

Goal 7) I,m going to make a point of telling Hubby I love him every day of the year, he knows I do but sometimes we take it for granted, so I,m going to say it with a kiss.

Goal 8) Keep my blog going and give monthly reports regarding my goals my accomplishments and my failures, although I don,t think I,m going to have any. These posts will be at the beginning of the Month.

I can,t wait to get started roll on the 4th of October.


  1. wahoo!!!! I am pretty excited about the challenge myself. It will be pretty good & just what is needed on my end.

    your goals look great!

  2. Maureen!
    I'm so excited you will be doing this with me!!! And I'll be coloring my roots too! I actually think I do a better job than my hair dresser! And spending $150.00 for a cut and color will not be in the budget.

    Love your list, it's going to be a great year! :)

  3. Achieving all this will be awesome Maureen, can you imagine how you'll feel in 12 months - you know I'll be supporting you all the way. Good luck :-)

  4. I love every one of those. You are doing so good. I love that you are taking a vacation. You owe people money, you don't owe them your life. So proud of you!

  5. Thanks girls. To say I,m exited about starting this Challenge would be an understatement, and great to have your imput as I,m sure it,s not going to be a popular decision here at home.

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