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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Purple Shoes, Imelda Marcos watch out !!!

I found the perfect shoes to go to my Daughter,s Wedding in. These are not exactly them but very similiar, mine have a cute little bow across the back of the heel. I was out browsing around when I saw these right at the back on a shelf for only $19.95, I did,nt know if they were an exact match for my dress, but as the shop I bought my dress in was only on the other side of the Mall the Assistant came across with me to see if they were a match, and Bingo. So I,m crossing another expense off of my list.
Apart from the shoes I have bought nothing else today, and I won,t be spending anything tomorrow either, as petrol is in my car and food is in my cupboards. I,m waiting for my monthly telephone account to arrive, also my electricity. So that will make a huge dent in my house finance account, still this time last year I would,nt have had anything put aside, so I,m happy, roll on Bills.
Another low calorie day.


  1. Well done on finding a match to your dress and on them being a bargain to boot!

  2. I love a bargain Laura, and as most of the Wedding will be held on grass I did,nt want anything expensive which might get ruined so these are perfect.

  3. These are awesome! And I don't want to tell you what I spent for mine! Where's the dress? Show me the dress! :)! How many days for you???

  4. The dress is being taken up just now, as all stores seem to think your 10 feet tall. I still have just over 7 weeks so no count down yet. Your photos will be first.


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