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Friday, March 23, 2012

A very mixed kind of week

R.I.P. Margi

Yesterday saw me attending my Son-in-Law's Grandmother's funeral. We were all asked not to wear black and were invited to celebrate her life rather than to mourn her passing. She was a member of  a choir and so there was lots of singing, as well as funny anecdotes from family and friends.
So let me put it out there this is how I want to go, with smiles and maybe just a few tears.

I am not long back from my weekly shopping trip to Aldi and now I am writing out my menus for this week. Last week I was running behind so badly that I made no lists and it was a week of constant " what's for dinner " this actually makes me lazy and also makes me think takeaway. So it's back to my organised self this week.

I got a nice little windfall this week in the form of a letter from the Tax Department telling me they had superannuation money to send me, and as I am now retired and have no superannuation fund they will deposit it into my bank account. I have 100 different ways of spending this money so The Foxx and I will have a look at where it's needed most.

My Grandson turned 6 this week and so tomorrow we meet up with the family and celebrate, it did'nt seem right to do this before The Funeral. It was hard for me to cut back on his present because I usually go for the no expense spared toys. But I managed to do his gifts his card and a cute bag to put them in all for under $50.


  1. Enjoy your grandson! You did really good if you stayed under $50!

  2. That's the way I' like to go out to - a happy celebration (of course I plan to live til I'm 100 so there's reason to celebrate right there!) Before I got my tax refund I'd already spent it in a 100 different ways but when it finally showed up I just used it to bring down my line of credit a little. Boring but necessary.


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