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Monday, March 19, 2012

Use them or Lose them


Keeping things for good

OK hands up who keeps things for good, I have dishes which I only use on Christmas Day, why !!! because I deem them to good for everyday use, then there is the canteen of cutlery which like the dishes only puts in an appearance once a year, Oh and I almost forgot the crystal champagne flutes and the wine glasses and I could go on and on. Why did I buy them in the first place, simply because I liked them and looking at them gives me great joy.
But only once a year !!!!!!

When I left The Foxx I spent hours berating myself for leaving behind a gorgeous sexy set of pots which I had saved long and hard to buy myself, I could not believe that I had left them behind, despite the fact that I had never ever used them. My Mother-in-Law also has special things she has put away for a rainy day, she is 84 now and is ill, so really what is the point.
So on Sunday out came the pots, the dinner service, the cutlery and the special glasses. I am now going to start using my favourite things and get as much use and joy out of them as I can.

Thank you to everyone for their supportive comments regarding the ongoing battles with my Mother-in-Law, I am going to take a strong but not aggressive stand to get my house running the way I want it to. This will no doubt attract a few comments from her, but I have thick skin.
Last night on one of our consumer shows one of my favourite Australian bloggers did a segment on making her own soap, washing powder and growing her own veg. Did you see that I said to Mother-in-Law now you know it's not just me with daft ideas LOL

Things are really quiet on the financial front just now, as things are all going to plan with repayments, we are working to a really tight budget just now and their is very little left for our entertainment jar, but we really don't mind. On Sunday we went for a leisurely stroll round our local fruit and veg markets, got some great bargains and then stopped off at my Daughter's for coffee. A cheap day but an enjoyable one.........


  1. congrats on being on plan with the debt repay :)

  2. I like when things are *calm*...glad you are using your nice stuff. I totally agree, I would use them too!

  3. We are eating like paupers but looking like lords, it's amazing how nice things can cheer up spag bol LOL

  4. Whoever said the best things in life are free was a wise person (probably a woman lol!) I don't own anything "good", I never had $$ until a few years ago and now I just don't see the point! I was looking at my dishes the other day noticing how almost every one has a chip or two or a crack! When my daughter washes the dishes she really whacks them into the drainer! Anything "good" would have been demolished. So perhaps there's a good reason for waiting until now to use them - they'll likely last longer!

  5. I would think twice about buying expensive items for my home now, but those things were all bought by a woman who thought tomorrow would never come. and look here it is !!!!

  6. I agree, use them and enjoy them. I am using my mothers 'good' dinner set that she saved up for. She kept it in the cupboard for 'one day' but didn't live to use it.

  7. Louise that is my big fear, so as I bought them because I could see myself using them then that's exactly what I'll do...


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