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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The End or is It ????

When I turned the key on The Restaurant door on Christmas Eve I think I knew that I would never trade again, nor did I want too, I had not had a decent nights sleep in weeks the first and last thing I did every day was count money, I had thumping migraines and there was no money in the bank to buy stock to open up again after the staff' came back from holiday.
When my Sister was with me we used an existing bank account of hers and with it came a credit card, this was purely an emergency backup, but let me say that we had a lot of Emergencies, of course when we broke up the partnership we closed those accounts down and opened new ones. so the CC went and the bank would not allow me any line of credit at all as we were a brand new business and nobody was willing to take a chance on it succeeding and them getting paid. Let me tell you that there is no way you can run any business without huge savings or a line of credit and I had neither.
I needed to talk to The Foxx but our conversation lead to the biggest row we had ever had, all of both of our pent up frustrations came flooding out, this was on New Years Eve and by the 3rd of January I had left him, in fact you could say I ran from everything that had gone wrong over the last 7 months. I sent the Restaurant keys back to the landlord and told him to do his worst, but he would not get blood out of a stone as I was jobless, homeless, carless, husbandless and was considering declaring myself bankrupt. 
I must have a Guardian Angel, as my Landlord has wiped my debt and cancelled the 27 months I still had on my lease, of course for that he gets all my fixtures and fittings to do with as he pleases, but I don't care I just want to wash my hands of the whole sorry mess.
The Foxx was not prepared to let me go so easily, although I made things really hard for him and as I was out of the state he could only reach me by email or phone and for the longest time I did not want to speak to him.
And then I got sick ! all of my stress etc. meant I was suffering with a severe bout of Shingles and in unmanageable pain, even the strongest painkillers were having no effect.
So who turned up to Nurse me, my Sister I was housesitting for a friend and because there was nobody there to help me she flew across Australia to look after me, some things are just meant to happen and during the time we were alone we rebuilt our relationship.
I am now back home and The Foxx and I are determined to get our marriage and our finances back on track, we do love each other, but I have warned him we play as a team or not at all. So far so good I'm not sure how he will take the saving and budgeting plans I have been making I imagine that it will be met with some resistance at first as this is a totally new concept to him. But I plan to let him see what a success we can make of this together.
But before we start to save we have got to get rid of the build up of bills we accrued between the house and the Restaurant, but we will do this as a team, wish us luck....

Goals For March

Taking my lead from Carla I am posting this months goals

Financial Goals

  • Catch up time this month, as we are so far behind with everything it's not funny.
  • I really need to start a holiday fund big trip coming up in August.
  • Keeping an eye on housekeeping costs by menu planning.

De- Cluttering

  • Not so much decluttering, more extra money making, things for e-Bay.
  • Take photos again for e-Bay.
  • Catching up with housework.

Personal Goals

  • Keep The Foxx on track and motivated.
  • Keep up with everyones blog posts.
  • Read one self help book monthly. ( any ideas ? )


  1. Oh Maureen what a time you've had!
    It's good to see you back and setting goals to get back on track. Good luck this month x

  2. Thanks Laura I'm putting it all behind me now......

  3. I just discovered that you're back, and while I wish your restaurant had been a success, I think you've had a valuable (if less than thrilling)financial and emotional lesson. I hope, over time, that you'll talk more about this. There's a tendency for all of us just to blog the good times, but life is full of many things, not all of them 'good.'

    BTW, what's up with whooping cough in Austrailia? Louise at "My Journey to Eliminate Debt" had it too, and it knocked her out for a long time. I always think of it as a long ago children's disease, not a contemporary complication.

    1. Thanks Grace I really needed an opportunity to write it all down so thank goodness for my blog. A lot of things happened which are not in my posts so more of this story may come out later, this was just the bare facts.

      We had quite an epidemic of whooping cough, as after blood tests it was discovered The foxx also had it although not as severe as my sister, I dont know of any children who had it.

  4. You've certainly had a lot happen! It's nice to hear that you and Foxx are sorting things out and working together now. You can still get things back on track financially.

    1. It's probably way to late to get much behind us now, The foxx still has his superannuation but mine is gone sitting in an empty Restaurant.
      But it will be great to just manage our day to day finances together.......

  5. I read this little saying the other day and it has become my mantra (along with "Keep Calm and Drink Wine") and it goes like this: "Don't look back, you're not going that way!!" Not a lot sticks with me but I just love that saying, it's so simple. We all live with regrets but what does dwelling on them do for us - not a damn thing. We can hopefully take some learning with us into the future. But looking back and wishing things had been different is just a waste of time, time that we could be using to move on.
    Being a team with FOXX is vital right now so you are on the right track. Hugs!

  6. I know I am on the right track now and you are so right we do need to tackle this together, my regret is that it has taken this mess and me leaving him for us to sort it all out.

    I love " Keep Calm and Drink Wine " I am definitely taking that onboard just need to budget in the wine somehow. But yes I am going to stop looking back as that's a place I was not happy, thanks for your words of wisdom.....

  7. Wow, Maureen, wish we were there to help you through such a bad time. Glad you are moving forward, and that your relationship with the Foxx is on the mends..

  8. Sharon I would have given my right arm to have somone I could have leant on during this time, now I get to lean on The Foxx and that feels right.......

  9. Wow - so glad that you are starting to mend those broken relationships - so sorry that you had to deal with them declining in the first place ~ good luck & we are all on your side

  10. Thanks JP sorry i'm a little late responding to this comment.....


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