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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Last Pity Party Post

I am now a Housewife and Caregiver

I'll bet you had thought that I had exhausted the disasters which I have been recanting in my last 4 blog posts. but no the final, nail in the coffin of our finances was brought about by my MIL ending up in hospital with heart failure while I was away from The Foxx. I have a really guilty conscience about what happened to her as I am almost positive that the strain brought on by my leaving  contributed to her condition. So now I am unable to work as I am needed at home with her pretty much constantly at the moment. I made all the normal enquiries about a Carers Pension but as it's based on the amount of money coming into the home, The foxx's salary is too high for us to make a claim.
So now I am her caregiver without being able to make a claim for financial help, part of me is panicking and part of me feels empowered. For the first time since I can remember I am solely in charge of making sure we can afford to live like this.
So budgeting, menu planning and spending are all dictated by me. I am totally committed to getting us out of debt and living a stress free lifestyle.

I will be counting my no spend days again, taking special note of cheap petrol days, produce market shopping for fruit and veg, remembering to turn off electric lights and even making my own laundry detergent. i feel excited and I know with your help I can do this...

PS Jane can you remember the name of the website we used to use to track our spending ????


  1. Hi Maureen,

    You have had a rough time of it lately, haven't you? God bless you! I was fulltime caregiver for both my parents for almost 3 months. It is a tough, tough job!! I will be pulling for you!

  2. Thanks Lisa, I am both frightened and excited about our future.

    My MIL at the moment seems very confused and sleepy, this will be due in part to her medication, hopefully it's just temporary...

  3. Maureen!
    I'm so sorry to hear that. That has got to be tough. My prayers are with you and your family.

    By the way, your spending website is I still use it and LOVE it! :)!

    1. Sharon thanks for your kind words.

      Off to track my spends now many thanks....

  4. Caregiving is hard work. You sure have had a time of it! I hope things start picking up for you soon.

    1. Financially things won't ever be picking up again, it's how I use the money which will be the biggest challenge.

      You have to feel so sorry for someone who ends there days totally reliant on others.

  5. Glad Sharon was able to give you the website for spending diary. I have to admit to falling off the wagon so perhaps we can get back on the wagon together. I love being able to categorize everything and see where I'm spending too much.
    This will be a challenge for you but I think you're up for it. And you'll get the best advice and the best tips from this great group of bloggers.
    Don't spend too much time on regret - you'll never know for sure what the impact was on your MIL and think instead of how great it is that you can be of assistance to her now. It's upwards and onwards now my dear! No looking back! HUGS!

  6. Jane we so need to do this, I used to love my little graphs. It always appealed to the organiser in me.

    I agree the best help and support is going to come from my blogger friends, bring it on.......

  7. I hope things improve for you Maureen - you sure have had a tough few months.

  8. Laura it's onwards and upwards.....


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