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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Angry Mother-in-Law

Yesterday while out buying my ingredients for my washing powder, my Mother-in-law told me in no uncertain terms how ridiculous I was becoming, how much she hated " that kind of stuff " and surely I could get it just as cheaply at Aldi. It was on the tip of my tongue to mention another few areas where we could save money ( I'll leave that comment to the readers imagination ) but as she is an old Lady with set ideas about how things are done, I let it slide.
I fight my mother-in-law constantly over menus, shopping lists and a heap of my other money saving ideas, she has never ever learned the art of saving, budgeting even switching things off after you have used them and not leaving taps running these all seem to be alien concepts to her.
So now on top of the money she puts in for food she sneaks other food items into the house as she obviously feels my lists are lacking, they say two women in the kitchen does'nt work and now that I am home full time I am now noticing how much control of my Kitchen I have lost over the years.
I want that control back, so maybe some of these issues we are having are as much my fault as hers, so I will continue to go about my frugal ways quietly one fight at a time.........

I got a final reading from the Electricity supply to The Restaurant yesterday so I am now sitting with the Phone account the Gas account and the Power bill, a grand total of over $5,000 and no way at present of paying them, so I am going to have to wait until they put these accounts into the hands of collection agencies and then make arrangements to pay these off slowly.
I am now finding myself back where I started  when I first started this blog, seems to me I am going backwards instead of forwards.

Is it all bad news I can hear you asking, not at all everything in my personel life is fantastic The Foxx left me a note this morning and his bankcard, just in case I needed anything, I am staying home today so I can give him it back tonight with thanks. My Daughter-in-Law is 7 months pregnant and we are having a little boy this time, this is my 4th Grandchild and will  make 2 girls and 2 boys. My Grandson will be 6 this month and so I will be looking for a present for him this weekend and my Daughter will be 37 in a week or two and the family are all coming here for her party. This will be the first time since I left that we will all be together and I can't wait.

So am I in debt YES
Am I happy YES


  1. I'm really happy for you :) You had the courage to try something that most people would be too afraid to do. You have pursued your dreams and that is important. You have a growing family and people who care about you. You have lots to be happy about! Keep blogging :)

  2. Thanks bbw I know I took a huge risk which just did'nt work out, but I don't like being left with egg on my face.
    On reflection I wish I had never tried it we would have been debt free with savings in the bank....

  3. Bug hugs for you
    MIL's can be difficult especially when they live with you. My sister went through it and after 8 months it didn't work and her MIL moved out. Good for you to be able to deal with her.
    What happened happened. What matters now is stepping into the future with lessons learned and finding happiness where ever you can and it sounds like you are. I'm so glad you and the Foxx are close, I know how much happier life can be with someone close by your side

  4. My MIL has lived with us now for 10 years, it kind of happened by accident and was not how I envisioned spending my retirement years. Still it is what it is and we just get on with things.....

  5. Obviously, when we talk about one step back, two steps forward, someone has to be on that backward step--guess that's you for the moment. I'm curious--did anything good come out of the restaurant experience? Do you have a better sense of what you want to do, what you can do, etc.?

  6. Not too much came out of the experience, although in saying that I found myself to be more outgoing than I thought I was.

    But in general I learned what not to do with your superannuation money......

  7. I love this post! Whoever thought that because we have debt that we have to be unhappy!?! We CAN live with debt and we can LIVE while making a plan for the debt. It sounds as though you are not going to let it beat you AND you shouldn't beat yourself up because you went for the gusto! It was worth a shot and you took it.
    That Foxx! I'm really starting to like this guy!!

  8. Jane I'm also really starting to like him again....

    Now that plans are in place to pay back this debt, I am in a good place, thanks....

  9. Sorry that your MIL is giving you a hard time, I would just tell her you respect her opinions, but you're trying to make wise & responsible choices and this is how YOU will be doing things. ;) She doesn't have to like it.... I'm glad you're happy! There's more to life than $$$.

    1. Those are almost the exact things I did say to her, however she rolled her eyes at me, need I say more....

  10. Can you not contact the companies where you owe the bills for the power etc. for the restaurant and try and negotiate a payment plan before the collection companies become involved? From what I hear these collection companies can be really aggressive and unpleasant and after the year you have had, I would not be ready to be kicked whilst I was down.

    As they say, there is not point in crying over spilt milk. Hold your head high, look towards the future and stay on plan and you will come out the other end. It's not going to be easy, but believe things will get better.

    1. Toula apparently after you close off an account the only payment they will accept is the account in full, this sucks I know but I am left with no other option. and yes I agree they can get a bit heavy handed, although I think if you stick to their payment plan they tend not to harass you, at least thats what I'm hoping.....


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