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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Feel Like a Real Housewife Today

Bringing out the housewife in me

Tomorrow I am taking the bull by the horns and making my own washing powder, I have done all my homework, as today I went to the Supermarket just to make sure everything I needed was in stock. so now I know quantities and prices. Wish me luck, I have never ever done anything like this, can't wait to work out the cost per load. Although I think I will have to wait until it's all used up before I can get an exact figure.

I have been missing in action for a few days now, no reason in particular. I was doing very little on the PC very little on the expenses side of life and I decided to give my home a good clean, so now I am the proud owner of the tidiest linen cupboard in the world. The neatest kitchen cupboards and the shiniest most organised fridge in the Universe.

Pay day today for The Foxx, in one hand and out the other, such is life !!!


  1. I'm waiting for payday (Thursday) and then I have about 10 minutes of excitement while i send the $$ to all of the places it has to go; then the waiting begins again for the next paycheque LOL! I do allow myself a little fun but we're pretty frugal around here. You ARE becoming the housewifely one aren't you and it sounds like you're having FUN with it - will await your cost analysis to see how it goes!

  2. Thanks Jane, countdown now till next payday.....

  3. Hey - you put the energy into cleaning and I admire you for that. I know what it is like to give forward 3 steps and then backwards 4 steps. Let us know how you like the homemade washing powder.


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