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Monday, May 30, 2011

Council Inspection of our Restaurant Kitchen - Today

We need Another Sink

Title explains it all, so I am sitting here with my fingers crossed that they won,t find anything else which needs done, as any work will slow down our opening. I really was naive enough to think that any Kitchen issues would have been long resolved, but apparently not. Perhaps as the Restaurant has'nt changed hands in a long long time, it has'nt been inspected for awhile, and of course regulations change every time you blink. Anyway I,ll know more tomorrow.

My sister is away doing her food handling and Kitchen management courses today, and like my Liquor Licensing courses you have to get your certificates to be granted your licenses, so good luck to her for today.

My Takeaway menus are being picked up by me later today, can't wait to see them. I have a draft copy but there is nothing beats seeing them in the flesh ( so to speak ) I saved some money by not having had them folded, so I guess I'll be busy this afternoon. This will be a breeze for me as I had been doing this type of work for six years.

Nothing else new for me to do today, Sis. and I had been going out yesterday to pick up our Commercial Dishwasher and we had borrowed The Foxx's old workhorse of a Station Wagon. however the salesman we had been going out to see was off sick and nobody else had done the paperwork for us, so looks like next week before we will pick it up. They wanted $160 to deliver it !!!! So picking it up is a no-brainer.

On my to-do list for this week.

See Solicitor to sign lease

See current owner to have a run down on appliances, and the workings of.

See current owner regarding council's inspection.

See Insurance Agent for Restaurant Insurances.

See bank to pick up Merchant Banking info.

Speak to Telstra regarding phone lines into Restaurant.

Speak to my Superannuation company re: my application.

I,m sure there is more, will need to go and check my diary, see you all around.

Blogger/Google is still playing up for me I can,t even add a comment to my own blog now, so unless I am able to sign in Anonymously then there are some blogs I just can,t comment on. Apologies xxx


  1. Oh so much to do. I wish you luck. Your posts lately just have a nice positivity to them. You sound really happy. Can't wait to hear more.

  2. So I guess you're not spending your new found freedom lying late in bed reading the papers and drinking tea!! My head is spinning over all the details you have to look after. Can't wait til opening day!!

  3. Wow... You have so much going on!! Must be super exciting at the same time! I'd be picking up that sink too for that much $$!!! lol!

  4. Maureen!!!!!!

    I'm finally able to comment!! Blogger was just so annoying!!

    CONGRATS on your new venture, it sounds like it's a wild ride to say the least. So glad you are able to do this with your sister!

    Hope all is well!!!

  5. I just wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying your restaurant posts. I don't think I'd have the nerve to take on a task like yours, but it's great reading your blog and living vicariously through your adventures.

  6. Love reading your updates on the restaurant. Council inspections can be a pain! I used manage a large business and the bloody council inspectors would turn up on 4.30 on a Friday afternoon to do spot inspections of our kitchens.. it's all just jumping through hoops but boy it can be frustating!
    hope it's all going well :)

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  8. Haven't heard from you in a bit... hope everything's going well :-)

  9. Miss your posts Maureen. Please update us on what is going on.

  10. Hope things are going okay for you, it's been a while since we've gotten an update. Thinking of you :)

  11. Wow sounds like you have a lot to do! good luck

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  14. Miss you. Just wondering how things are going for you

  15. Maureen where are you? Lost in the kitchen?

  16. hey Maureen, I often wonder how you're getting along, hope things are going well for you :)

  17. Hi Maureen, we miss your blog and hearing about how things are with the restaurant... Hope everything is going well... HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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