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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Superannuation Blues

Definitely more going out just now than coming in, plus bad news from My superannuation company, they have told me that because they are currently changing the structure of the company there is a delay in paying out individuals Superanuation, this means ME. OMG I am worried stiff what if it doesent come through in time for the contract to be finalised which is the 6th June.

So once again sleepless nights for me, half of me is getting on with my plans and the other half of me is frightened to make any, on the plus side my Sister is so positive, that I,m hoping it rubs off on me.

My final final final wage came in to the bank today this consisted of about 20 hours of holiday pay and the 16 hours I worked this week, so not a lot but added to what I have already got it will get me through, plus there is a credit card added to our business account with $4.500 available on it, so I may be able to use it and put anything used back when my Superannuation comes through.

We picked up our uniforms yesterday with the Restaurant name embroidered on to them, they look really smart I will be mainly in black with a long Bistro Apron and my sister is going with the traditional chefs jacket and striped trousers, we have bought confortable shoes, and so we are ready for our first service.

Next week my courses start and I,m looking forward to learning the fine art of coffee and alcohol service.

Anyone noticed my 2 sidebars, yippee almost paid off debt 2) cant wait to really get started on debt 1) I am only paying off $25 a fortnight at present so you can imagine how long this is going to take, still there is no interest on this debt so I actually can take my time with my repayments, still I would love to get rid of it.

Heading out with Sister to have a look at Chefs knifes, OMG more money.


  1. I know you said you are stressed out, but I am hoping for the best for you and your sister. Pretty amazing thing you are doing!!

    Congrats on paying down some debt too.

  2. I love hearing how everything's coming along :-) Hope things work out with the superannuation!!

  3. I know you're worried but it will all work out for you, just a little delay that's all. Can you take some photos for us of your restaurant and post them?
    One of the things Michael wants us to do together is visit Australia (he's been there a couple of times and I've NEVER been) so when we come we will be visiting your restaurant!!!
    It will be so much fun!
    When is your grand opening??
    Wishing you great success!

  4. Jane I have stopped worrying, what will be will be and I am soooo sure this is the way too go for us, that it will all work out.

    Our grand opening is the 14th June, with our invitation only night on the 13th, Mum and Dad are flyingh all the way across Oz to add theyre support, can,t wait.

  5. I'm proud of you. You are living your dream. I can't wait to hear about your grand opening, it sounds amazing.


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