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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Proud Restaurant Owners Photos

I nearly never posted this photo because it was taken through the front window and so the quality is terrible, but I wanted to show you the Restaurant at it,s worst before we wave our magic wand over it.
On the wall to the left of this photo is our famous Tivoli Fountain wall mural, the kitchen is the bright spot to the top right our bar is also too the right and straight ahead behind the curtains seems to be an area for dumping things. But we intend to make that area if it is big enough into an intimate sitting area. Watch this space for more updates.

This is a picture of the outside, with me on the right, my sister on the left, her Granddaughter in the centre and my two little Angels next to us. The current owner ( we have not formaly settled yet ) seems to have lost his marbles and spoiled the whole shop frontage with this awful Spaghetti eating bride, he also used this logo on business cards and menus YUCK !!!! So the bride is going ASAP.

Today we added our outgoings to a new Quicken program we bought to keep our accounts up to date and so far we have spent arount $7,000 this includes a few bits and pieces for the Restaurant our initial deposit and licenses and training courses, and we are a long way from finishing our outgoings. It,s all out and nothing in just now but we were not naive enough to imagine it would be otherwise.

I managed to lay my hands on exactly the pasta bowls I was looking for as well as Sundae glasses and long spoons for them, and so at last we have sourced and looked for the best prices for everything we wanted. By going online, visiting auction houses and $2 shops we have paid way under the going rate for almost everything.

We looked into purchasing an industrial Dishwasher but they were soooo expensive that we have decided to rent with an option to buy after a year, or continue to rent. We were going to have to hire someone to help with the dishes but this has turned out to be a cheaper option. Plus the machine wont be looking for extra hours or holiday pay LOL

Heading off to do my Liquor course tomorrow, wish me luck as getting the licence for the Restaurant depends on me passing an end of course exam. I can,t remember the last time I had to sit and study, hope my brain doesent explode.

Well it,s Sunday and as the world is definitely still going strong I wish you all a great weekend.


  1. That bride is kinda scary! Seems like your doing great..wishing you continued luck and smooth sailing


  2. yeah, the bride is not a good image! it's very exciting Maureen, love reading your updates!

  3. This is so exciting for you!

    I remember about 3yrs ago heaps of suburban restaurants had those garish over the top pictures on their windows.

    Also hello my home state! I won't reveal to much for privacy reasons (for both of us) though

  4. Good luck on your test.

    I'm sure it can get stressful, but you sound like you are having a lot of fun supplying and planing for decor. Hope you continue to enjoy it.

  5. I'm so excited for you!! It looks like a great little restaurant!! Be sure to post pics of the inside when you're done!! :)

  6. Good luck! This is such an exciting time for you. I'm sure you'll do great :)

  7. Saving for travel
    Thanks for that, I purposely have not given the price of the sale etc. also for privacy reasons. But i,m happy to post about almost anything else.
    Maybe see you in there !!!

  8. Good luck with the exam Maureen..and the restaurant :)

  9. Hi Maureen! I came across my daughter's study notes for her bartending license - all about how to make a 100 different drinks, how much everything costs - some of the drink names are rather suggestive I must say! Here's hoping you ace the exam! She didn't get a high enough mark the first time she took it (had to score at least 95%) but took it a week later and passed. Is yours like that?
    Love seeing the pics! You and your sister look a lot alike. All the grandkids look happy so you must be doing something right!!
    A bride eating spaghetti - not really sure why ANYONE would choose THAT picture - makes no sense at all!


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