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Friday, May 13, 2011

Almost Retired From My Job !!!!!

My word is blogger experiencing problems over the last couple of days, I,m not sure if anybody has managed to catch up with my last post, I had some trouble finding it myself, however here is more of my journey.

The candles above are exactly what we have bought to go on the inside tables, we have a mural on the main wall of the Restaurant which is a picture of The Tivoli Fountain in Rome, and we have used this image for all of our artwork on menus business cards etc. The rest of the walls are plain as to add any more would be overkill, and because of all the stone work in the mural we have tried to find something to match for the tables, and we thought these were perfect. They are not too big that you can,t see round them and not too small as to hardly stand out.

The Tivoli fountain

Tomorrow afternoon we are going out to catch up with a lad who has just closed down his family,s Italian Restaurant due to his Father,s bad health. He has loads of bits and pieces for sale and although there are very few things we need I want to pick his brains regarding Suppliers etc.

I did not leave work yesterday as planned, because they are right in the middle of a very big order and asked me for another couple of days, so now it,s Tuesday before I retire from working for the man. I managed to get my wages sorted out and now I am earning another couple of days money, so my expenses are not as bad as I thought they were going to be, and I should get by comfortably until we open up.

The Foxx is managing to take the news of our business venture pretty well at the moment, but I know the other shoe will eventually fall, and I,m prepared for that.

At the moment my Sister is having to handle almost all of the business appointments which don,t require my signature, and this is because of my work committments, so some days I feel a little out the loop, however I,m there when I can be and we do catch up every night as she is still living with us. Her Daughter and Husband are also here ( until the 8pm flight tonight ) although not staying with us, and I do feel threatened by him. I am not keen on him knowing our business and he is wooing her and fully expects her to return to him even although he is aware that all our money is tied up in this business, he wants to return in a couple of weeks to help with any painting etc. and then return again for our opening night. It wont be long before he will be getting told to back off, more dramas !!!!

Off to friends for a BBQ today, this will probably be the last one of the Season as it,s beginning to cool down a lot today, we are at 21centigrade or 69.8 fahrenheit not cold by some standards but my blood has thinned down after all my years of living down under.

Have a great weekend

Maureen xx


  1. sounds like things are moving along pretty quickly, good luck with it Maureen, have my fingers crossed it goes well for you!
    enjoy the last of the good weather, we had snow here this week!

  2. Your weather is cooling down, ours is warming up! I'm sure not too happy that your sister's hubby is popping up here and there and REALLY hope that doesn't interfere with your plans. How is your sister handling this??
    PS - love the candles, they'll help create a beautiful ambiance! And safer too, inside their glass!

  3. Good luck with your plans Maureen....I really hope that this works out for you and your sister :)

  4. Best of luck with your restaurant, I think it very cool that you took the plunge. As for her husband since you own 50% of the place tell him to back off... are they in the middle of splitting up?

  5. Congratulations, I am so excited for you!

  6. As I was reading your plans, I could almost hear Andrea Bocelli singing. Everything sounds so wonderful and I will be anxious to see this dream unfold for you.

  7. This all sounds so exciting!! I wish I was in Aus!! I'd be a customer for sure! Keep us updated on how everything goes!! :)

  8. Well, it was great thinking about golf, travel, grandkids and a leisurely cup of coffee in the morning. Oh well, your retirement plan will happen soon.
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