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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A March Shopaholic,s Confession.

Guess what I have been up to these last few days!!
Well if you thought that maybe I had taken time off from blogging in order to spend money then you were absolutely right. The Northern Hemisphere is looking forward to warmer days and we in the south are hoping for cooler days and nights. It all started with new carpets going down throughout the house, as soon as they were down I wanted to decorate the whole house. normally you would do this before the carpets went down but we got about 2 days notice and we had to strip 3 bedrooms and a lounge/ dining room of all furniture. so you see I have been busy. no time to blog.

To get back to the cooler weather thing, I want to get more organised in the Kitchen, and that means more cooking from scratch and replacing one or two items which have outgrown there usefullness. Namely my pots, I bought my last set about 22 years ago and they were inexpensive then. I have always stood and drooled over Baccarat pots, but I wouldent spend the money on them. so how could I resist this set which were 1/2 price reduced right down to $380.00

Gorgeous arent they, sorry I couldent find a larger picture, the special on that day was for 50% off plus a wok, so I put them on a layby and will pay them off gradually over 8 weeks.

O.K. satisfied that I had gotten the bargain of a lifetime and had got spending money, out of my system. I confidently decided to browse around our local Curtain Wonderland Store. Because this is a rental house I never buy curtains, as they are always already on the windows, maybe not exactly to my taste but in the case of this home not too shabby at all. So passing the curtains and going deeper into the store I discovered The Bedding Dept. I love, love, love, white bedding, I know it,s not really practical but what the heck, it,s one of lifes little luxuries for me. so I bought a white and silver duvet set , two extra white pillowcases, 4 new pillows and a couple of white and silvery sparkly cushions to throw on the bed.

All up about $150 as these were also on sale, and are now on a 12 week layby.

Am I finished ? well almost I have wanted a yogurt maker for the longest time and now I am making Greek yogurt like a crazy woman, cost $19.99. And lastly I got my bread maker out and I am now making my own loafs. The Breadmaker was a freebie, so spending spree over.

I am looking for someone, to tell me how to make inexpennsive bread and yogurt as the pre-packaged way is expensive.

How did I finance this amazing Spending spree, all of my layby deposit payments came out of my snowball money plus what was left after No Spend February, and after $1,000 had gone into my debt repayment. I will have to massively update my budget to include my PC payments and my Layby, s. I. will do that on the weekend.

Thanks for the amazing support you gave me after my last post, I have done nothing about speaking to hubby again, but I will.


  1. Ooh you know me and decorating, I am in the midst of my own decoration project. First of all I would love to have the cookware. I will need to replace mine in the next year or so.

    It was fun to read about bedding and not think about painting for awhile. Beautiful choices.

  2. I think layaway is a great idea... I wish stores would do that here, only jewellery stores do it and not all of them... who needs a ring when pots are on the list, sigh...

    I am sure that you have made the right choices for your budget and that it will work out. You mentioned that you rent your house... have you ever thought about buying one for yourself?

  3. I heard that layby or as its called here "layaway" is making a big comeback. It's the way our parent's generation bought things - make a small downpayment and then pay it off over time. I think it's a great way to purchase things - no debt and you don't get the items until they're paid for. I'm glad you're getting into more homecooking! I would LOOOOOOVVVVVE to have a breadmaker:)

  4. I love the sparkle pillows!! Adorable. Glad you are enjoying yourself a bit Maureen. You are worth it :)

  5. I love the pillows but I rally love the cookware. I swear since I bought new cookware last year its almost a pleasure to cook. LOL

    My next purchase is going to be a breadmachine. My died last year and I havent replaced it yet.


  6. Maureen,
    I'm on the same roll as you! Good thing we saved money in February to prepare for our spending sprees in March! We just ordered carpet for the basement, hired a painter to do all the painting, and we ordered a new back door for our kitchen. Yesterday I took my daughters shopping for clothing...spent lots of $$$$$$. Oops. That's okay, it was necessary. Now I'll spend all afternoon trying to figure out how to pay for it all.

    Love the pots and pans! I'll have to put that on my list too!

  7. We all need a bit of a splurge every now and again. And you've definitely done it the right way by putting them on layby. Bonus? This way you get to enjoy that 'new purchase' feeling twice - first when you picked them out and put them on layby, and then when you finally get to take them home :-)


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