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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My First Emergency Of 2011

Me And My Big Mouth
After my comment yesterday about having had no financial emergencies and everything travelling along on an even keel. I woke this morning to find our house in complete darkness and The Foxx out at the fuse box with a torch. Our old but reliable kettle had decided to become our old and unreliable kettle, and had tripped the safety switch in our power box !!!
It,s not a fixable problem so a new kettle is now on my shopping list for tomorrow, and in my usual fashion of buying for quality and not price, I will be up around the $100 mark. Still it,s money well spent to get a decent cuppa. Although I will be looking for the best price possible.
My wages will be given an extra boost tomorrow, with extra snowflake money ( overtime money ) and this is my last wage before I take off on my holiday.
As soon as we booked the table for Dinner last night we realised we had made a mistake, there is no need for us to be having a night out so near to our week away. We thought that we had to use the coupon by the end of this month, but they have extended the offer until the end of May, so plenty of time to go for this meal.
My Sister lives about a 5 day drive away from us on the opposite side of this vast country, normally we would fly but as she is coming to live she wants to bring her car. But she does not want to drive across the Nullabor Desert alone, so she is putting her car on a train and then meeting the train in South Australia around the middle mark and coincidentaly this is exactly where The Foxx and I are going to be. This was not pre-planned but I,m glad that we are going to be there for her as she is going to need a lot of support. Then she will have to drive alone for another 2 days to get to Queensland, I would love to make this drive with her, but she insists that she needs the time alone to think things out, plus I would be abandoning The Foxx right in the middle of our holiday, plus I would not be back in time to start work the following Monday. So lots to think about.


  1. No one should drive the Nullabor desert alone! If your car breaks down in the middle of the Nullabor ... then what? You pray you have enough water + food, and wait? Sounds awful.

    If she wants to spare the expense of putting her car on a train, she can try finding someone who'll ride in the car with her (and split the cost of petrol) by searching Gumtree. Plenty of backpackers would love a chance to cross the Nullabor!

  2. Nice that it worked out so well. Yay for overtime money!! Good luck finding a kettle, hope there are some good deals out there for ya!

  3. Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. A kettle is a must! I couldn't manage without one. Made a mean cuppa this morning myself, well actually a whole pot:)
    What an amazing coincidence with your sister! I like to think about stuff while I drive too so I can understand her decision.
    Champagne? Mmmmmmmmmmm!! You are going to have a marvellous time I can just tell! Can't wait to hear about it (I will vacation vicariously through you!)


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