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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday,s Spends A Little Splurge

My Weekly Splurge. Well here she is, not exactly the kettle of my dreams, that one was $142 but definitely an edgey little number, when switched on she makes very little noise and lights up like the cockpit of a jet plane. Plus she makes a mean cup of tea, and cost $78 a little cheaper than the $100 I had intended to spend, so good for me.
Total of todays spends
Petrol $20 ( I have fuel left in my tank from last week. )
Debt $ 25 ( normal weekly payment )
Layby,s $65 ( payments on my pots, pans and bedding )
Clothing $23 ( broke my promise and bought a couple of tops to take on holiday )
Food $100( not spent yet just allocated to jar )
Kettle $78 ( as stated above )
My snowflakes went up by $202. 22 made up of
Overtime payment $172.22
Money for online surveys $30.00
All up I,m really pleased with my weekly spends considering I had,nt planned on the kettle expense. I,m kind of hoping to get some change back out of the Grocery money, but as The Foxx will be shopping for me, it,s highly unlikely as he has a sweet tooth.
I,m working again tomorrow and this will be going into my wage next week, just in time for my trip away. This extra money will be allocated towards Champagne, gotta love those bubbles. Yes after all my frugal months I,m splashing out on this holiday.


  1. I'd have to agree with Niki. Good job finding a cheaper one. Enjoy that tea!

  2. I love it, I have a huge softspot for pretty household apppliances.


  3. That's a cute kettle and I think you are doing good with your weekly budget. :)


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