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Monday, June 11, 2012

Painting Project

I Am Painting My Toilet

I could'nt wait to get The Foxx off to work this morning as I wanted to spend all day in the toilet. No there is absolutely nothing wrong with me I decided to make my non spend stay home project painting the toilet.
It all started with the toilet roll holder falling off of the wall and leaving a huge hole behind it, this was fixed yesterday by The Foxx on his holiday Monday, if you are looking for a cheap way of spending your day off I can recommend this. So now we have a patch on our Aqua wall. Am I upset not a bit of it, I hated the colour, it was there when we moved in and I just kind of put up with it the way you do in a rental home.
When we first moved into this home the horrible Aqua colour was in one of the bedrooms and in the toilet, yuck, I spoke to the landlords about painting over it and they agreed to provide the paint if I did the work, which was the only way they were going to agree to it. So here I am sitting in the office typing this while my first coat dries. I might add that this Aqua colour does not want to go in fact it may even need 3 coats to do the job, but there is enough paint so it is what it is...

We spent hardly any money at all over the holiday weekend, as we spent most of the time doing our little projects and some gardening.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend I'm off now to check on my toilet, what is the saying about watching paint dry LOL.......


  1. Oh, the difference a word can make. You had me rolling with laughter by using the word toilet!!! I finally realized you meant what we in the States call the bathroom. Here, we sit on the toilet.

    Hope you will post finished photos.

    blessings, jilly

  2. In Australia most of our Bathroom areas are divided off into the main Bathromm with shower, bath and basins and a seperate are which just contains a toilet. I was only painting the toilet area, but I can see why you would get confused...

  3. Yes, I had visions of you painting a toilet and wondered how the heck you can do such a thing? But I figured it out, I'm smart that way! But what is the new colour??? You neglected to say! For Christmas a few years ago Kazi wanted her room painted a lovely very bright coral shade. I don't know HOW many coats it'll need when I have to repaint in order to sell the house. Should be a treat!

  4. Jane it is a very uninspiring cream colour and it took me 3 coats in some areas to get complete coverage. So I have jazzed it up a bit myself with accents of black I found all of the pieces around the house and will be able to take them away with me when I leave ( which hopefully will not be for a very long time, maybe in a box LOL )


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