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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pros and Cons of Being More Frugal Part 1

My Losses and Gains Part 1

Since starting to get my life and finances together there have been losses and gains but after  looking at it closely most of my losses have ended up as gains. If I give up something which costs me money I end up with a bigger bank balance, or my bills paid on time, or my car regularly maintained, so which of my lists ends up giving me the greater enjoyment and pride ?? You judge.


  1. I have given up getting my acrylic nails done, this used to be a 3 weekly visit which cost me around the $35.00 mark each time they needed filled or extra if I needed any replaced. I kinda miss these visits, but now that I spend time in my garden I definitely don't miss the nails... $600 at least saved yearly
  2. I used to buy a magazine every week, it was a bit of an indulgence coming home every week sitting down with a coffee and having a read. But my local Library stocks this read or I could go online to read it. So I don't miss this at all now....$260 saved yearly
  3. Gourmet cooking was a bit of a hobby for me I would get terribly enthusiastic buy loads of ingredients, then forget why I bought them or use them once and then end up throwing them out when they passed theyre useby date. At that time my Grocery bill was sitting around $175 weekly, now I try to spend no more than $100 a week and often less....$3,900 saved yearly
  4. My trips to the Hairdressers are very few and very far between now, maybe one every 6 months rather than every 6 weeks I also now dye my hair at home thanks Mr Clairol. I was a Hairdresser in an earlier life so I can actually manage it OK myself if I am in the mood. I am going to have to estimate the savings here as I really have lost track of Salon prices now....$1,300 at least saved yearly
  5. Gym membership, oh yes I had one of those where you lock yourself into a contract which you never keep, of course it's all done with the very best of intentions after all who would'nt want to look toned,taut and terrific ?? I now have a garage full of equipment which I was given for nothing so if I don't use it guess what no charge....$456 saved yearly
  6. Every Friday night was takeaway night, when I worked fulltime this was a non cooking night I felt I deserved the night off after what was very often a heavy week. Now we use leftovers as our Friday night meal or Hubby throws together a Pizza. So still no cooking for me plus savings....$1,560 at least saved yearly
There are a lot of little losses which I make on a daily basis, like using less shampoo, less toothpaste, switching off electrical appliances and wall switches buying long life light globes these are changes which I can't put a price too but over the course of a year are bound to make a huge difference. Then there are the big losses like the new car I never got into debt for, believe me if I could have found a way of getting myself a more reliable car while travelling to and fro to The Restaurant then I would have got one. So my thanks to the banks who would not entertain the idea of lending me any money. So these losses / gains are saving me a minimum of $8076.00 or $155.30 weekly. The bottom line is am I missing any of them.....absolutely not !!!

Tomorrow I will post the gains.


  1. What a positive outlook on your losses! Our library has the actual magazines so I occasionally just borrow the real thing when I need a break.

    1. At first I greived for some of my losses, but now I don't even miss them...

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is a fantastic list of losses! You should be quite proud of these to be considered your losses!

    Keep up the fantastic job and I look forward to following your wonderful blog! Us older woman got to stick together! LOL

  3. Thanks Carrie and welcome I am always looking for an interesting helpful blog to follow I need the motivation. See you around....

  4. Maureen,
    Wow, those little "treats" add up fast, don't they? I have gels sometimes on my nails, and it costs $40 w/tip. I love how they look, but I hate spending the time at the nail salon! I probably will let them go. As far as my hair, I've decided to go every 7-8 weeks. My hair looks so much better when my hairdresser trims it and colors it. As long as I can afford it, it's worth it to me! :)!

    Hear ya on the magazines! I don't have any delivered anymore, AND I don't buy them in the supermarket. They used to be a weakness, but not anymore!

    We're still working on using that gym membership, although thankfully we could cancel at any time.

    Thanks for this post! It has me thinking of more ways I can cut.

  5. Thanks sharon I think I got most of my money saving ideas from reading blogs such as yours, so I'm glad to know I can now assist you.

  6. I used to do all of those things too - my gym membership was the biggest waste of money ever! I still have a few more I could give up but won't til I retire because picking up a coffee on my way to work everyday is part of what gets me there lol! You've done such a great job cutting back Maureen and your attitude has remained so positive through it all. You really are on your way to a much better financial position!!

  7. Loving these posts! I've cut out a lot of "indulgences" as well... It does save a lot of money!! :)

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