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Friday, November 26, 2010

A Really Scary Day but Hopefully the Last

Why is today so scary ?? It,s because I tried to work out and justify my spending during November, I know how much money came in but I have lost track of what the out money went on, but here goes

Incomings $2,530


Wedding money $1,000
Rent $365 ( paid today )
Debt $75 ( usual payments )
Hairdresser $70 ( done for Wedding )
Nails $60 ( full Acrylics + Pedicure )

That adds up to $1,070
So where is the rest?? $160 is still in the bank but where in earth is the other $800, I can,t remember having any other large purchases so that being the case the lost $800 went on food and alcohol for a month. That,s $200 a week now that,s seriously scary. So now I,m way behind with everything and broke, but you know what I am feeling positive about next year, so bring on Christmas not because I,m ready for you but because I want you behind me.

Positive thoughts

I,m sitting in my office just now and the smell of the Camelia bush outside my window is filling up the room, the Cicadas are singing and Summer is in the air.


  1. oh boy!!!! hope you find it!!!! yikes... you had good reason to be little willy nilly... just jump back on board!

  2. Maureen:

    After our son's wedding, we were broke too. It took us a while to get back on track, but I must say that the wedding was beautiful and we have wonderful memories. No matter how much we budgeted, and the wedding wasn't a big wedding nor expensive, it seemed that there was a lot of last minute small expenses that added up. The day before the wedding I needed to pick up a few things for the rehearsal dinner and my credit card was rejected as I had maxed it out. Talk about humiliating as we live in a small town and everyone seems to know everyone. I pulled out another card and the transaction went through. Not my best day.

    The only thing to do was to go from that day forward and do the best we could. That is all you can do. Put it behind you and go forward.

    I empathize with your situation, as I have been there.

  3. Maureen - this is what I like about you - get the moaning and groaning over with first, then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and put on a smile:) You always end on a positive! You know, $200 a week when you had a lot of guests I think sounds reasonable so don't beat yourself up about it. Did you eat well? YES Did you drink well? I sure hope so:)
    Tonight I am going out to dinner at an expensive restaurant and am feeling very PAINED at having to spend my hard earned cash when I could very well stay home and eat from the delicious food Michael cooked today. But I must stop being such a Scrooge and go enjoy myself - I will try to make good choices!!

  4. Thanks girls I am feeling lifted by your comments, also I went through my pantry and cupboards and far from being out of groceries I actually have quite full cupboards, so every cloud has a silver lining.

  5. Oh my friend I completely understand that's how I felt about last pay. I was feeling so good about my money allocation of last pay when i first got it now I'm hoping to get to next week (pay week) with even a $1 in the bank. I am dreading making that confession on my blog. ... sigh

  6. Sarah confession is good for the soul.

  7. If every path were smooth and straight there would be no moments for growth and character building. Big events always seem to throw us off a bit, but I have every confidence you will be back on your path again very soon.

  8. I definitely felt that way in October! takes some time to regroup after a major expense (unfortunately you fell right into Christmas!). Christmas here will be smaller than last year, that's for sure! I'll join you for a bit of w"h"ine!

    Things will definitely get better, right?
    LOVE your new blog look!!:)!


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