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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Thoughts About Christmas Spending

Time to put fingers to keyboard and add a PF post to this blog, but what to say ??? Since I managed to get through The Wedding and the visitors I hav,nt received a wage and so my finances are in the same state as they were on Monday, what am I saying they are slightly worse as I have a new phone bill in, and my car registration is almost up. So Friday which is payday is going to be mostly taken up with paying a weeks rent food and petrol.

As I am making this rent payment to help my hubby through a sticky time, I am hoping he will repay the compliment by making my registration payment on my car for me, although he has,nt offered as yet.

I worked back 2 hours today and will do the same again tomorrow if offered as I need all the money I can get just now, I even cashed in some points at Rewards Central and so they will be posting me out a $30 cheque, although it will be the end of the year before I see it, still every cent counts.

I am not an envious person, but at the moment as I read through some of my favourite blogs and see how well everyone is doing, I have a little " why not me " moment. Please forgive me for this girls as it will pass.

As a family we have collectively decided to give Christmas a body swerve this year, my Grandchildren will be the only ones I will be buying for and a Secret Santa for the girls at work. I will still send Christmas cards as this is the only time of year I get a chance to catch up with some old friends, but as we are all stressing out about the expense of giving everyone a gift why do it ???

I have morphed into Scroodge but only for this year, I will post an end of the month report soon, plus my plans and budget to get me through December


  1. In a perfect world, we all would have the money to do with as we please. It seems to me that the majority of PF Bloggers have had difficult financial times and have just not had the money to do or but the things they want. They became PF bloggers to improve their money habits... just like you and me. ( Except you and I at this moment are struggling a bit... )

    We will definitely get better at handling our finances... we learn from our past. And if we don't learn it the first time... it seems we are lucky enough to repeat the mistake again and again until we do learn. God does have a sense of humor :)

    Hang in there Maureen... it will all work out!

  2. I'm sorry. I'll try and keep it to a minimum. I hope good things happen to both you and Lisa as soon as possible!

  3. Thanks Lisa and FB I,m just having a seriously sorry for myself moment as I mentioned it will pass.

  4. Aww you are still doing good. It's hard with a bit wedding. But now that that is out of the way you can start saving again. Hopefully the hubby will pay for the registration, that will cheer you up! Cards are always appreciated, it's not about the gift giving really, it's about seeing your friends and family and I think you'll be able to do lots of that this holiday!

  5. I have to say a wedding depletes lots of cash...give yourself a HUGE break this year...and I have to say, I love all those smile faces...

  6. Maureen:

    I think that what you posted is very true for a lot of people, especially at this time of year. Christmas never seems to come at a good time. Although I have posted a lot lately about my grocery savings and such, I am getting ready to share about our debt and our history of being in debt.

    I have felt how you feel. I have looked at others and wished that I could finally be free to have what I feel I so richly deserve. It will come to you. You are a hard worker and it will happen.

    We are doing Christmas at our house a lot simpler this year and spending about 1/3 of what we used to. My husband and I have admitted to each other that we have "all that we need." We don't need expensive gifts under the tree to celebrate the birth of Christ.

    I absolutely love your blog.


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