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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I,m on holiday

I have just finished work for 2 weeks, I would put down that I,m on holiday only I am sure that by the time these two weeks are up I,ll be returning to work for a break. Hubby and I started on our garden last night after work, he got cracking with a high pressure water blaster to clean the outside of the house, patio, driveway and garage floors, which he will finish today and tomorrow the whole family are coming round for a general clean out and cleanup, we keep a nice neat yard but there is always some improvement can be made for a special occasion.

Sunday sees my Mum and Dad arriving and so tonight I will be concentrating on emptying out the wardrobe in the spare bedroom, we keep our out of season clothes in there and I also keep my I don,t know where else to put it things.

Pay day today and so far all I,ve paid is my debt, I would like to think I,ll have a few no spend days, but I doubt it. I,ll keep you posted.


  1. Try to enjoy some of your time off!!! The wedding is soon!!! ENJOY!!!!!

  2. Oh lucky lucky you - holidays and summer coming:) You must be on top of the world! And less than 2 weeks til the "happy event"! I hope your parents are "good guests" and having them isn't too much extra work on your holiday. Here the raking continues - almost all the leaves are down now and we've had a couple of hard frosts.
    Oops gotta go, my students are arriving!


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