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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November,s Goals / Melbourne Cup Day in Oz

Today was Melbourne Cup Day here in Australia, they call this the race that stops a nation, and it definitely is. Most workplaces lay on a lunch and bring in a TV so that nobody misses this event. I put a bet on and my horse came in third, so I got my money back. I would have liked a win, but maybe next year. One of these days I will go to Melbourne,s Flemington Racecourse and soak up the atmosphere myself. Wear one of those silly huge hats and stiletto heels and get drunk on Champagne, but till then I,ll continue to watch it on my bosses TV squeezed in amongst our machinery.

My financial goals for November are pretty much the same as Octobers I mentioned at the beginning of my spend less year that It would be the 21st of this month before I can really begin budgeting for the next year. But I aim to take on no debt, still pay the couple of debts I have, put my bill money away, and spend wisely. I have done well with my not buying myself anything new goal. I have a lot of clothes which I will be able to get through this Summer wearing, and I am keeping my Grocery bill low although with visitors popping in and out I will go through my pantry and fridge quite quickly.
I know I should,nt be wishing my Daughters big day over and done with, but I can,t help wishing that more of my money was going towards debt repayment. I am getting so keen to start this spend less year.


I walked out into my garden this morning and my Frangipani and Jacaranda Trees are both in full bloom, so my garden is awash with purple and white blossoms on the trees and a carpet of it is also on the grass. It brought a smile to my face and as it was a lovely warm Spring morning I stayed out there with my coffee. It really set me up for the day.


  1. I'm a gardening newbie so forgive me -- do they smell nice?

    I know some flowers don't, but when I had lilac bushes growing up, I used to LOVE the perfumed smell they would give off

  2. Wow, beautiful tree! You know, the next few days before the BIG day are going to whiz by and then you can get back to normal - whatever the heck that is! You've had all of this practise now of being frugal it'll be a piece of cake to start whacking away at your debt.
    And with your craftiness you'll be able to whip up an astonishingly delicious hat for the Melbourne Cup!

  3. Fabulously broke there is no smell from the Jacaranda ( purple tree ) but the Frangipani smells devine.

    When I was growing up my Mum had a Lilac Tree in her backyard and I loved the smell of it, still brings back happy memories.

  4. Beautiful pictures - You are so lucky to have such beauty in your own yard.

  5. Love the pretty pictures! Helps put things in perspective...:)


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