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Monday, July 23, 2012

Living without Blogging

Apologies all round it has been 3 weeks since I last posted

As mentioned in my last post I have been suffering from THE BLUES. No one thing set this off just a serious of things which in the end I found so hard to cope with. But after some X-rays for my aching shoulders and stronger painkillers the pain is no longer an issue. The Foxx has taken over managing all of my debts and so I no longer have to avoid answering the phone. So gradually I find myself returning to normal or as normal as things get in this house LOL.

It is only 3 weeks now until I go off on holiday to spend my Father's 90th birthday with him, unfortunately due to a bad Echo Cardiogram reading The Foxx will not be going with me, he has to undergo more tests and they are due to start the day before I fly out, which also happens to be my Birthday. We tried to get another date but it would be March before he could get another appointment, which given his health issues would be too far away.

OK I hear you ask, what's with buying yourself  new car, or thinking of buying a new car ???

The Foxx and I went up to our local club the other night to spend some Birthday vouchers he had been sent, when you enter the club you scan your club card and it enters you for draws. On Sunday they are drawing for a new car, 36 members names were pulled out the hat and I was one of them. On Sunday they will take that number down to 6 these 6 will be handed a key and the one that fits wins the car.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I need a new car, so much so that I am frightened to go along on Sunday where the disappointment of not being the winner will be overwhelming. Or on the positive side winning it would also be overwhelming. Already I feel sick with excitement, I'm trying to rein it in but it's all I am thinking off.


  1. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Good luck with the car draw - you deserve to win!

  2. Glad your on the road to recovery lets hope the Foxx gets on OK too.Fingers crossed for Sunday somebody has to win it so hopefully its you.Nice to see you back

  3. Maureen,
    I'm so glad you are feeling better, but I'm sorry sorry to hear about your hubby. Hopefully he will get better soon too!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for yu to win the car!:)!

  4. Missed you, and glad you got your health issues sorted, but now you have your hubby to worry about! sorry about that. good luck with the car:)

  5. Hello there! Good to see you back again Maureen! Those odds in the draw for the car are the best I've seen so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too - what a great gift a new car would be!
    Sorry to hear about the Foxx's tests - I hope whatever issues he has can be quickly and safely resolved - it will be a worry for you while you're away but I'm STILL GLAD you are getting a little vaycay time with your DAD!! Where do they live??

  6. Maureen:

    I miss hearing from you and your posts. Please let us know how you are.


  7. We missed you Maureen. I hope you'll be just fine. Hope to hear from you soon.

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