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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Holiday Spends


We don't actually have George Washington on our banknotes but I thought this might amuse some of my blogging friends.

It's only 3 weeks now until I head off on holiday, and I was hoping to have saved $1,000 to last me while I was away. At the moment I only have $400 but I am going to be able to add another $100 a week plus my small British Pension of $340 so I will have exactly what I need. Off of this amount I have to buy my Dad's Birthday present, 2 smaller gifts for my Great Nieces who share his big day and also help towards Groceries while staying with my parents. I think this is all perfectly doable.

I never heard back from the Dishwasher Hire Company is this good or bad ?? I suppose only time will tell, all the rest of our household accounts are up to date and all debts are slowly being paid off.

My littlest Grandson is now 8 weeks old and coming along in leaps and bounds I got my share of cuddles this morning and I also got some beautiful smiles.

Off now to make up my latest batch of soap powder. Only 3 sleeps to go until the car raffle !!!!


  1. Hope you have a great holiday! Glad you got to save up for it.

  2. You need to share some pictures of the little one! :)

  3. He's EIGHT WEEKS OLD already??? Oh my how time does fly! And giving you big smiles now, that's so precious when that begins :) Haven't heard from the dishwasher hire company? That would nag me...have Foxx call them? Happy holidays!!

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  7. Maureen:

    I miss hearing from you and your wonderful posts.


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  9. Hahaha!! love the comment! Hope you're doing well! :)

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