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Friday, February 13, 2009

It's time to come clean

I don't blog, I'm the lurker, I have just spent the last few weeks reading as many blogs as I can in my quest to get my finances in order. And yes I have found them very helpful but I think tracking my own progress and goals will be even more helpful. Now I am not computer savvy and I am not particularly well read or educated so there will be no fancy long drawn out and long winded blogs, just my finances and the reason for them explained as simply as I can.

I used to own a home and due to some very wrong choices, made individually and as a couple, we lost everything, and then due to illness ( my husbands not mine ) we went down to one wage for three years, that wage was mine and it is a very minimum wage. Fortunately that is behind us as from this week and that is the reason why I now feel able to start getting on top of these debts.

My debts are all now in the hands of recovery agencies and so there is no interest going onto them now, I have already been slugged a fortune in interest, and what should have been debts of around $5.700 are now over $7000. The fact that they have accepted a payment plan from me without any added interest means in effect that I could take ages to pay them off but they hang over my head, and cause me a lot of shame.

I have also joined a couple of frugal living websites and I now know exactly where every cent I earn is going, this journey is mine alone as my Husband has no idea of the lack of self esteem I feel and so he will not be mentioned again in any of my blogging. He takes to do with all of our rent and a couple of large debts connected to his failed business. So my budget which I will get to later, is what I have to pay out of my pittance of a wage.

I will set some goals for myself later and do up a budget which I will hopefully be able to follow religiously. WISH ME LUCK.

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  1. One doesn't need to have shame when you have made mistakes. I've always said mistakes are what make you a better person. We pick ourselves up and learn from them. Let me tell you that we have all made mistakes. The better people are the ones who admit it and go on. I'll be pulling for you as you work on fixing yours.

    We are retired, paid off $52,000.00 in debt in 6 years w/o full time work. It can be done, with hard work and much sacrifice.

    Wishing you the best!! ~carol


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