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Monday, February 23, 2009

It seems as if money ( thankyou Kevin Rudd )and things are coming my way just now, I think it must be the power of positive thinking.
For ages now I've wanted a freezer, I actually have quite a large freezer compartment on the top of my fridge,
but as I am going to be growing my own veg this Winter, and buying in bulk to save a dollar or two, I thought that a freezer would be
a very handy thing to own. I was'nt interested in buying a fancy dancy high tech expensive one, I was looking for a cheapy
on Ebay or even a freebie, so I put it out there and ended up with two. The first one is an upright 15 year old Kelvinator that
was being given away by a girl I work beside, she put up a notice on our pegboard at work and I was first to see it, and she
was going to deliver it, how awesome is that ??? The second one was brought round to the house by my Daughter, who had
just gone out that day and treated herself to a new fridge freezer combo. This one is a chest freezer of indeterminable age,
but in perfect working order. So I will give them both a tryout and the best man will win. I remember reading The Secret and
it said to order what you wanted from the Universe and it will align itself to give you what you want. Well as usual my eyes
are bigger than my belly ( my Mum's expression not mine ) and I got two.

On the financial front I am broke, in terms of having available cash as all my money has been accounted for from last week's pay,
and as expected my bills have started to arrive, both my Mobile and Landline accounts came in today and Foxtel is due soon.
At the moment my bills come to $169.00 and as I worked a little overtime last week I will be able to meet them easily and still
manage to stick to my budget. My spends for this week all went on socialing over the weekend as we had friends come to stay
with us. In fact between buying extra Groceries and going out for meals and drinks I never got to put any money into my Emergency
Fund or my Savings. This was a big disappointment as I seem to have fallen at the first hurdle. Still this weekend will be a quiet
one and hopefully give me a chance to put my savings by.

I have a bank at home it is in the shape of a very rotund Lady and across her ample chest is written Wine Money. I have been
throwing my coins into her and she is getting quite heavy still I'm resisting the temptation to count it out. I wonder how many
bottles of wine I will be able to buy when she is full.


  1. I am a great believer in throwing any change I have into my money saving tin. I do this every day and the night before pension day anything left in my purse goes in as well. Since January 1st I have managed to put away £56 (AUS $125). It is so painless I wish I had done it long ago. Last year I managed to pay for a weeks holiday and I know if I had tried doing this with a bank account it wouldn't have happened. And don't worry if you fall at a hurdle, you know the saying, "just pick yourself up and start all over again", LOL, Margaret

  2. I'm a believer in throwing change into a jar too. I've used it for many things. The best thing was throwing it towards debt as extra $$ with the payment. We are debt free now however it took us a long time.

    If you fall off the wagon (the frugal one) it's okay. You pick yourself up and keep right on going. You'll get there. Remember it's all about baby steps. Slow and steady wins the race.



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