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Monday, February 16, 2009

I nearly missed out again

Years ago my Girlfriend jokingly told everyone that I could write a book about my financial disasters, I was always the one who would come home to find my electricity cut off even after the bill had been paid, or the bank would bounce a cheque of mine for no reason at all. I just seemed to go from one stuffup to another. Lately I get the feeling that the stars have aligned to keep me poor.
So imagine my surprise and delight that after finally getting my debts under control, the Australian Government were going to give me a little cash reward, I have never qualified for anything in my life and it seemed the only way I was ever going to get any money was to work for it. So I had devised all sorts of schemes for using this money firstly I decided to spilit it up between my Debts my Savings and my Emergency fund. but I really badly need new glasses I am currently wearing the $10.00 variety from the Pharmacist, and I am getting a lot of headaches from eye strain, so OK new glasses and the rest divided up evenly.

And then the bottom dropped out of my world when one of my work mates informed me that the money would only be given to Australian Citizens and not Residents like me, Oh well you don't miss what you don't have, and so I resigned myself to not getting my new glasses, but when I came home from work I phoned the help line and guess what I do qualify!!!! Yippee at last I will have some cash to start my new savings plan, plus of course my new glasses.

I am still paying around with my new budget, my household bills are only standing at $150.00 at the moment but I am waiting for 3 more bills averaging around $200.00 to arrive this week, so if I pay them the money will not be there for my savings etc. Plus I have to pick up my layby which are the things I had put away for my new Granddaughter, as well as having visitors this weekend. These are the things I want to have an Emergency Account for.

Maybe I should have married Donald Trump when I had the chance LOL

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  1. The main thing to remember when we travel this road is to just take one day at a time. We all make mistakes and I think that is okay, the trick is that we learn from them. When the task ahead seems so daunting, just remember, you only can live one day at a time and be on track for that day. Tomorrow we just get up and do it all over again, LOL. Margaret


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